Dallas Stars and Defense

Interesting article on some possible trades to bolster the Dallas defense. I’d be surprised if the Blackhawks let Seabrook go to a Western Conference team though. The Pens fan in me hopes that Rutherford makes an offer on Seabrook. But Rutherford’s pretty unpredictable with his trades so who knows.

Speaking of the Pens, what if Paul Martin ends up in Dallas? He’s a UFA this summer and I don’t know that the Pens will keep him at his current going rate. I’d hate to see him leave the Pens but I think he’d be a great pick up for the Stars.

Dallas Stars and Defense


In the first and final games of this series, the Preds were up 3-0.  In both games, we pulled the goalie.  In both games, the relief goalie played a perfect game.  In both games, Duncan Keith scored the game winning goal.  I’m not saying that the Blackhawks are the Illuminati, but the Blackhawks are probably the Illuminati.