Taking a very short break…

OK, so not so much a break as an “oh dear and fluffy I have so much work to do that I’m gonna dieeeeee”

I haven’t had a chance to queue anything up either. I’m thinking I’ll be back around Wednesday ish.  Work has been insane and because of some dipshit’s fuckup I now get to redo massive amounts of work.  

Someone please message me if anything crazy happens like hockey fandom burning down, or Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan making out in public (especially that!). 


Isn’t it funny how much hockey really means to us? People actually revolve their days around going to games, and watching them on tv. They spend so much money on tickets. People revolve their friends around who watches hockey and who doesn’t. Conversations can go on no matter how long, no matter where, about hockey. Because let’s face it. Hockey was never “just a game” to us. And it never will be. Hockey is a lifestyle.



Chris Evans describing the Cap suit ft. Sebastian Stan having pervy thoughts and being a lost puppy [x]

The look on his face afterwards though…

#oh shit did anyone see that #crap do they know why I was smiling #oh god straight face straight face #haha “straight” I made a pun #hold it together Seb hold it together

Steve: “How do I get rid of this annoying person?”
Bucky: “Kill them.”
Steve: “Okay, that’s a bit extreme. I was hoping for something a little more positive.”
Bucky: “Kill them only a little.”