“Why Chris Evans got cast as Steve Rogers”


SO guys my sister works for a tv production company that does outsource work for Marvel (not Marvel itself, but a company Marvel works with pretty regularly). one of the women who has been casting since the first Iron Man came and talked to them about casting and how they do it. It’s a VERY extensive process and can take literally up to a year – if not more – to do.

Obviously, anything new is ~classified~ & she’s not allowed to talk to me about it. However, she could tell me about why exactly they pretty much begged Chris Evans to be Cap (actually tbh i’m not exactly 100% sure she was allowed to tell me any of this yet here we are) . 

This is kinda long, but if you’re a fan of Evans, it’s worth the read.

(also please note that this is all secondhand information. this was told to my sister by a marvel casting rep who then passed it on to me, so take that as you may)

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