A major observation last season: is it just me, but I think the Pens are the reverse Habs (slow start, hot finish) while Sid is the reverse of (insert player who had a hot, crazy start to the season only to fall back to their average scoring pace in the end)?

The Pens/Habs comparison makes some sense. Sid’s situation is a little different, I think. Mostly because it’s so inexplicable and lasted so long. 

There’s really nothing that explains why he had the start he had, or why it persisted all the way to sometime around mid-December. If Sid had averaged the same point per game the whole season as he did since 26 Dec. (1.31) he’d have finished with 107 points. One ahead of Kane. 

Part of the reason why that didn’t happen was because the power play wasn’t working like it should (he was missing out on points he usually gets on the PP; I wrote a little about that earlier this season), part of it was straight up bad luck (he was still generating his avg. shots on goal and shot%. The puck just wasn’t going in the net), and part of it was that he didn’t have Artemi Panarin on his line. That is, he was setting up a lot of plays but his linemates weren’t finishing them.

(This is one of the reasons I’m so adamant about Sid deserving the Conn Smythe. He had to carry his line in a way Phil didn’t.)

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