guys. the penguins did it. they won the cup on the exact same day they did in 2009. 
sidney crosby won the conn smythe. 
evgeni malkin is gonna put his new baby boy in the cup. 
pascal dupuis got to lift the cup, one more time. 
marc andre fleury won the cup with his best friends again, even if he wasn’t on the ice.
kris letang proved to everyone why he’s one of the best. 
matt murray has won a stanley cup when he’s only played 13 games in the regular season. 
phil kessel IS A STANLEY CUP CHAMPION. take that toronto. 
the rest  of that team has been deemed nobodys by someone at one point or another. and they found a home. in pittsburgh, and in our hearts. 

congratulations to the pittsburgh penguins, 2016 stanley cup champions.