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hear me out: a cutthroat kitchen-type contest for fanfic writers. contestants are given a different trope to write each round. sabotages include making an opponent write in first person, requiring them to write in a particular AU, making them incorporate the opening structure of my immortal. alton brown looks over your shoulder while you write the smut.

Oh, god.


A grab bag of horrible euphemisms are on the table, you bid for the privilege of being the only author allowed to use “cock”

  • You only get to use the character’s names and/or their pronouns once for every 1000 words. Beyond that, you must say “the taller one,” “the detective,” etc.
  • [fifteen seconds before you’re eliminated] “So this is a, sort of a, rustic, deconstructed high school bodyswap fake relationship fic…”
  • “I was so psyched to write my Fuck Or Die fic! I immediately picked up symbolic flowers, a prostate massager, and the dog they would adopt together…and then I realized – I totally forgot the aliens to make them do it.”
  • The most brutally sabotaged contestant ends up writing something so bad it becomes the most famous fic in all of fandom, forever. No one remembers who actually won the contest.


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Okay seriously but this could be so much fun? Like we make up a list of horrible cliches or tropes and randomly assign 2-3 to each person and make them write a Cherik fic like:

– coffee shop au + no romance + PWP where you can’t use the words ‘cock’ or ‘ass’
– fake relationship + aliens + mutant politics + Great British Bake Off
– mermaid au + easily resolved misunderstanding trope + only one use of character name and then descriptors for the rest of the fic (’the telepath’, ‘the taller one’)
– mob au + Erik spelled ‘Eric’ + mpreg where someone is called ‘Mom’
– min. ten mentions of Charles’ eyes being super blue + serial killer au + overly purple prose 

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS *said in a tone of someone savoring a true DELIGHT*

omg, i SERIOUSLY WANT THIS. This kind of writing challenge is right up my alley – a list of things to include/avoid and LET ER RIP. 

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