so uh.. this kane-toews-saad line.. seems to work pretty well huh?

Who would’ve thought eh?


He had better keep Kane and Toews together against Tampa Bay…

This just in: water is wet, Kane and Toews play better together.


One of my most hated arguments against putting Kane and Toews on the same line is this need for “balance” but in the same breath, that same person will assert that Hossa is unstoppable and the best kind of beast one both ends of the rink. How can Hossa be the best but not good enough to provide offence on his own without Toews on the second line? Is that not counterintuitive? Hossa is a great player and more than capable of producing without Toews, and Kane provides more than enough offence to take on even the toughest competition in the league when he’s on a line with Toews. It takes away from Hossa as a player when people insist on the need for balance like Hossa can’t provide that as well. He might not score as much as Kane, but he makes up for it with his defensive prowess.

At the end of the day, it’s not balance that’s keeping them apart, it’s Q’s desire to shelter Kane from the tougher assignments even if he can handle them just fine, and it negates the “advantage” when Kane is forced to play with weaker linemates. Balance would be separating the best possession players to create four solid lines rather than stack them all together. Balance isn’t just separating your two best offensive players in hopes they’ll replicate the same results on different lines.

I’ve argued this before and will continue to it until the end of time, but the Hawks are at their best when Kane and Toews are both at their best and playing together always elevates their game that much more. They’ve shown that when they’re together, they can dominate any tough assignment the opposition throws their way. The Hawks also tend to generate a lot more when KT are together and while they’ve dominated with them apart, both years they’ve won the cup saw them together more often than not.

I’m not saying all of this because I think KT have to be together, but it makes no sense to me why they aren’t.

This. Absolutely this. I have made this rant a million times but I’m usually too aggravated to be this coherent.