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#this line is so important to me and i can’t articulate why

i will tell u why it is important. no i won’t i will tell u why it makes me laugh. it makes me laugh bc i am 99% SURE that in this scene he is actually saying “get off” and they didn’t catch it til WAY LATE and were like “FUCK WE CAN’T HAVE CAPTAIN AMERICA SAYING GET OFF” so they last minute dubbed it to “out” like i s2g you can hear that the word is dubbed.

OMG tumblr user take-liberties saw this scene at SDCC and her report back was that the line was GET OFF and we all had a great pearl clutchy giggle about it and then LO AND BEHOLD THE MOVIE SAYS “OUT” but OH MY GOD, CHRIS EVANS IS TOTALLY SAYING OFF THERE. omg.

HE DEFINITELY SAID GET OFF, YOU CAN SEE THE FFFFFFFFFFFFF IN THIS MAGNIFICENT GIFSET. I’m devastated 4 life that they dubbed it, but at least we can now picture Chris Evans rolling his eyes and kinda smirking in the ADR booth when they were like “Uh, Chris, *shifty eyes* we gotta change this line for reasons.“ 

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Explains why half of them were sweating so much

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