We do not know how to say these things, 
the truths, the histories, 
every ugly bit nestled in the gut. 

How long can we carry the entirety
of ourselves?
How long until our spines break from the hidden vastness?

We hold the mythologies holy in our mouths,
and the realities sink fast to the bottom,
where honesty and shame share
the same stained bed. 

Once we start saying the unholy things,
peeling away the paint,
we will never be able to stop.

We will bleed out our stories 
until the stars go out.

Emily Palermo, Heavy in My Arms (via starredsoul)


“If there is something ailing Crosby, it might be contagious.

It seems likely that the 2014-15 scoring champion will be the first with less than 100 points in a non-lockout season since Martin St. Louis, then with Tampa Bay, won the Art Ross with 94 points in 2003-04. That was the last season before a lockout led to sweeping changes to the game designed to open things up offensively. In Crosby’s estimation, the NHL has backslid in that area.

“There’s not a lot of room. You’re seeing that,” he said. “The game is different. The game is not the same as it was five years ago. There’s less room. There are less power plays. To try to compare what you were able to do five years ago is just you can’t do it.””

– [x] Sidney Crosby shrugs off suggestion he’s having a down year

Are you listening Bettman?!